I’m writing this with a soft sun ray knocking on my window. The azure sky mix with the soft wind. There is a scent of flower blooming everywhere. A rustle on trees bring music to our ears. 

These are times of blessing. There are moments of sacredness. And joy. And happiness, that shun in every corner. 

Our family just had a wonderful times during the Ied holiday. We spend it on parks around Jakarta. Those days were great as we travel around the city that had gone more quieter than normal. Most of the inhabitants were gone outside the city in the annual rite called mudik.  It’s a ritual where most of the Jakarta’s people went back to their home town. They were escaping the city where they had shed bloods, sweats and tears.

The city is quite empty, it feels weird to drive around  and see the streets with minimum cars in it.

Anyway, I feel joyful to watch the children (mine and my brother) played in the Suropati Park. They played with the doves that went flying around the park. We had a great time there.

By the way, Suropati Park is located in Menteng area, Jakarta. The park is filled with sculptures made by Asian’s artists. The park was build by the Dutch. On those days, the name was  Burgermeester Bisschopplein. Its present-day look has preserved much of the original design. Circular in shape, it’s 16,322 sq m in area.


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