We’ve moved…

Hi everyone!

Finally, I moved with my family. But it’s just another location in the same city, Subang. It took us a week to get things organize in our new house. My daughters, Safa and Giza are very happy because they had new friends there. Luckily, one of our neighbor’s daughter is also Safa’s friend at school.

There’s also a new change for me. Now, I’m riding a bike to work! Yup, it’s healthy and ozon-friendly. Due to the ridiculous price of BBM right now, I think it’s time for me to switch my transportation mode to bike.

Right now, in the morning, when I go to work I can see beautiful rice fields in the other side of the road. There’s a mist in the horizon and the bright sun is giving it’s spectacular light to the world. Thank God for it!…

new house